January 20, 2021
10 AM Pacific / 12 PM Central / 1 PM Eastern

When it comes to setting goals and getting excited about your future, there’s no better time than the present! This fast-paced hourlong session will offer 10 success tips curated from Selling Energy’s rock stars.

Understanding your values before planning your goals. Visualizing your success using all five senses. Deputizing every employee and even other vendors to help you sell. Planning and tracking your activities to ensure you never have a sales slump. And six more. Tune in, take notes, and then commit to making 2021 your best sales year yet!

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“Receiving Jewell’s sales tips every day is something I look forward to. Getting reminders on how to be organized and competent in selling is helping me achieve higher levels of success. It’s truly wonderful to have support specifically tailored to the efficiency projects that I am working with. I have already cut my ‘getting back to people with my proposal’ time in half! Thank you, Mark, for all your insights.” 


 “Mark's crisp, clear, and concise daily 'drip irrigation' has enabled my company to consistently win projects against lower-priced, better established companies with deeper pockets.”