Fifteen years after EPACT 2005 created substantial tax benefits for making buildings more efficient, there are now no less than FIVE ways to capture tax savings and incentives that you can share with your prospects.

Any one of them could breathe new life into ignored, stalled, or even rejected proposals. In fact, you might be able to help your customers realize tax savings on projects they’ve already completed – whether or not you were the vendor.  And if your customer is unable to use the tax benefit, you might be able to capture it for yourself!

In this fast-paced session, you’ll learn these five approaches AND how to scan both past and pending projects so that you can help your customers find all the “free money” they deserve. It’s the end of the year, but it’s not too late to be a hero for your customers. Register for this session today and get ready to be surprised!

Presented by:

Randy Lucas
Principal, Lucas Tax + Energy 


Mark Jewell
President, Selling Energy 

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“Receiving Jewell’s sales tips every day is something I look forward to. Getting reminders on how to be organized and competent in selling is helping me achieve higher levels of success. It’s truly wonderful to have support specifically tailored to the efficiency projects that I am working with. I have already cut my ‘getting back to people with my proposal’ time in half! Thank you, Mark, for all your insights.” 


 “Mark's crisp, clear, and concise daily 'drip irrigation' has enabled my company to consistently win projects against lower-priced, better established companies with deeper pockets.”